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Jenny Pausacker


Jenny Pausacker finished her first novel when she was sixteen and got the world's kindest rejection letter, so she kept on writing. Eight years later her picture book The Three Dragons was accepted by a publisher who went out of business a few months later. Jenny then signed up for a PhD in children's literature while she tried to work out how to make a living by writing.

She became a full-time writer in 1980 and has published sixty books for children and young adults over the last twenty years, including crime, science fiction, horror, romance and fantasy novels.

Her young adult novel Mr Enigmatic won the NSW Premier's Award for children's fiction and its sort-of-sequel Getting Somewhere was short-listed for the Older Readers section of the Children's Book Council Awards.

A Tale of Two Families, a novel in Scholastic Australia's My Story series, draws on Jenny's experiences in the seventies—although she insists that this is Jan Packer's story, not hers.

Jenny lives in a hobbit hole lined with books, writes at night, sleeps all morning and spends her afternoons wandering round the city, people-watching.



Books by Jenny Pausacker published by Scholastic include:

  • My Australian Story: Secrets and Sisterhood (2012)

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