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Michael Manuell

Michael Manuell was born in Woolwich, England in 1951. He arrived in Australia in 1973, intending to stay for months, and ending up staying for five years. During this time Michael did theatre crew work for companies including the Melbourne Theatre Company, the Elizabethan Theatre Trust and the Seymour Centre.

Michael then traveled through Asia and Europe (including living for a year in Greece), working intermittently as theatre and film crew in both Australia and England. He has always threaded his writing work, whether it be for theatre, charity, curriculum, design or film, throughout his various endeavours, including marriage and parenthood.

Eleven Days is Michael Manuell’s first novel for children. Eleven Days is an exciting and fast-paced mystery that combines international espionage and intrigue with a broad spectrum of serious issues.
Michael Manuell

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