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The Dromkeen Collection


Dromkeen National Centre for Picture Book Art

Formally known as the Dromkeen Children’s Literature Collection, the Dromkeen National Centre is a unique collection of original illustrations, artworks and manuscripts from Australian children’s picture books.  Importantly, The Dromkeen Collection includes not only original finished illustrations and artwork, but also sketches, preliminary artwork, diagrams and dummies of books revealing the complex creative journey in producing picture book stories for children.  The Dromkeen Collection is the most valuable and significant of its kind in Australia and has powerful international recognition. The Dromkeen Collection is housed in the Dromkeen Homestead, 1012 Kilmore Road, Riddells Creek, Victoria, Australia.

Not only showcasing Australia’s brilliant picture book illustrators, the Dromkeen Collection provides a visual record of Australian heritage, history, environment and culture.  Artworks feature significant times and events in Australian history to contemporary works including our Indigenous heritage.

The Dromkeen Trust is a not for profit organization dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of Australian Picture Book Art.

Dromkeen, an accredited museum since 1998, is a member of the Cultural Gifts Program and the Trust has tax deductible status.

This wonderful, very special Collection provides glimpses of our nation’s heritage.  Our story through story, through a diverse range of art mediums.

We urge you to support this Collection. With your support to ensure further generations can enjoy.

It is important to note that whilst Scholastic Australia has the privilege of being trustee under the terms of the Trust, those terms require The Collection, the capital and the income received to be used solely for the educational advancement of Australian children. 

For further information on donation and bequests please contact:

Dromkeen National Centre for Picture Book Art (03) 5428 6799