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Dromkeen Medal

Dromkeen Medal

The Dromkeen Medal is an annual award, initiated in 1982 and presented by the Governors of the Courtney Oldmeadow Children’s Literature Foundation.

This award is made annually to an Australian citizen for a significant contribution to the appreciation and development of children’s literature in Australia.

The Dromkeen Medal was designed by Robert Ingpen and depicts the Dromkeen homestead, a sickle moon and boughs of wattle.

The presentation is made in March to commemorate the birth date of the late Courtney Oldmeadow.

Previous Recipients of the Dromkeen Medal

1982 Lu Rees

1983 Maurice Saxby

1984 Patricia Wrightson

1985 Anne Bower Ingram

1986 Albert Ullin

1987 Joan Phipson

1988 Patricia Scott

1989 Robert Ingpen

1990 Mem Fox

1991 Robin Klein

1992 Julie Vivas

1993 Alf Mappin

1994 Agnes Nieuwenhuizen

1995 Jennifer Rowe

1996 Dr Belle Alderman

1997 Colin Thiele

1998 Graeme Base

1999 Barbara Ker Wilson

2000 Paul Jennings

2001 Julie Watts

2002 Ann James (Download PDF 2002 Dromkeen Medal Recipient)

2003 Ivan Southall (Download PDF 2003 Dromkeen Medal Recipient)

2004 Margaret Hamilton (Download PDF 2004 Dromkeen Medal Recipient)

2005 Roland Harvey (Download PDF 2005 Dromkeen Medal Recipient)

2006 Walter McVitty (Download PDF 2006 Dromkeen Medal Recipient)

2007 Dr Patricia Edgar (Download PDF 2007 Dromkeen Medal Recipient)

2008 Ruth Park (Download PDF 2008 Dromkeen Medal Recipient)

2009 Bronwyn Bancroft (Download PDF 2009 Dromkeen Medal Recipient)

2010 Shaun Tan (Download PDF 2010 Dromkeen Medal Recipient)

2011 Libby Gleeson (Download PDF 2011 Dromkeen Medal Recipient)

Nomination Form

Click here for the Dromkeen Medal nomination form.