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Over Term 2 2019, we ran our Local Book Club Star campaign on our Facebook page. We love readers and decided that we wanted to celebrate all of the eager readers and book-lovers across the country. So we put out a call for nominations for Book Club lovers to be named as our Local Book Club Stars. We asked for children who eagerly devour books from each Issue of Book Club, teachers who celebrate the joy of reading in the classroom, Book Club Organisers and librarians who go above and beyond to help encourage reading in the school. We received so many amazing nominations, which we highlighted 3 times a week over the duration of Term 2. We loved getting a glimpse at Australia’s reading stars and the success of the campaign proved that our followers did too!


Daegan from Central Coast Grammar School NSW

We have read to Daegan since he was a baby and now that he can read independently, he reads all the time. He participated in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge last year and in an amazing effort, logged over 50 books! For his birthday recently, he received an incredible 20 new books, and he immediately sat down to read through them. He’s absolutely a Book Club star! Photo is supposed to be of Daegan showing off his current favourite books, but he got distracted!"


Taylah from Seven Hills West Public School, Seven Hills NSW

"From the day Taylah was born we have always read books with her, which has helped to develop her love of reading. She rarely leaves the house without a book in her hand and always reads before bedtime. Taylah absolutely LOVES (a little obsessed perhaps!) the Harry Potter series, and read the first book independently when she was 7 years old, and now at 9 years is challenging herself by reading more complex stories and non-fiction books. Recently she was surprised to receive a signed copy of the new Bad Guys book in the mail, and read the whole thing in one sitting the moment she opened the package! I love that Taylah is so enthusiastic about reading as it is such a great skill!"


Melanie, principal at Creswick Primary School VIC

"Mel is passionate about reading and reading for pleasure, and shares that passion with her whole school. She is always enthusiastic when Book Club catalogues arrive and is totally excited when a Book Fair lands on their door. She is like a walking promotion on the pleasures of reading and inspires all around her."


Ryan from Latham Primary School ACT

"Ryan has a learning difficulty and has been going to speech therapy, OT and literacy tutoring since he was 3 (he is now 9). One of our aims for this year was for him to be able to read a 'chapter book' all by himself by December 2019. I'm so proud of him - he met this goal late last term. I still read with him but now can leave him to read by himself. He loves reading the Bad Guys, Zombie Minecraft and Treehouse stories. We love Book Club and always try and get a new book so that he remains interested in reading."

Max & Raylene

Max and Raelene from Royal North Shore Hospital School NSW

Max: “One of Max’s favourite books is The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland. He particularly loves the characterisations in the story and we took turns being the different characters voices. For his next lesson we chose another in this series, The Very Hungry Bear by Nick Bland. Max is working towards independence in reading and just loved the rhyming and action packed illustrations. It was fantastic to see him so engaged in reading!”

Raelene: "Rae is always enthusiastic and excited whenever a Scholastic delivery arrives to the school office. Her positive energy and love of reading shines through to each and every student she teaches. The teaching team at RNSH particularly love and got a great laugh out of reading Mopoke by Philip Bunting and have just ordered ‘Koalas eat gum leaves’."


Kyle from Parkhurst State School QLD

"Kyle simply LOVES reading. There are books everywhere in the house - behind the bathroom door, by the window seat, on his bed, by the main door and in the car - as he sometimes reads few big books at the same time. He has been a very enthusiast reader from a very early age. He started learning by asking the letters on his dad’s car sign when he was 2, been reading Dr Seuss books since 4, sometimes with a torch under the blanket at bed time!"


Hemi from St Joseph's Primary School, Junee NSW

"I think Hemi is a scholastic superstar as every time he gets a catalogue from school he spends hours picking out the 100's of books that he would like to purchase - even using his own pocket money for the extra books he 'Needs'. Hemi even asks when he will be getting a new catalogue. Hemi now has too many books for his bookshelf and stashed through his cupboard (he is hoarding books), but I can't throw them out because they are books. I have even heard him repeat my saying 'If you can read and read well, life will give you endless opportunities'."


Ella from Newbury Primary School VIC

"Ella is only 6 but has always LOVED reading and now she can read herself she loves spending time going through the new issue and chooses a new book to spend her pocket money on! We are very proud of how well she reads and her enjoyment of reading."


Lindsay from John Palmer Public School NSW

"I think Lindsay is a Book Club Star as now that she has realised she can immerse herself in books, she is hungry to read whenever she gets the chance."


Tatum from Cedar Creek State School QLD

"She is a Book Club star because she is learning how to read and loves it! She reads everything she gets her hands on and tries to write and loves perusing the Book Club magazine."


Kelly from Golden Bay Primary WA

Sophie from Golden Grove Primary School SA "Sophie is a Book Club Star as she loves reading to her little brother. He loves hearing all the stories and it is a great bonding time for them."


Sophie from Golden Grove Primary School SA

"He loves reading and the library and always gets new books from most issues of Book Club. He loves to read to and help the other children in his class that don’t read as well as him."


Jaivant from St. Francis Xavier Primary School, Goodna QLD

"Jaivant is a Book Club Star because he loves reading books and can't get enough of it. I always find him reading books after he gets back home from school. He orders some books out of every Book Club issue. He has learnt to choose the books that he wants to read independently. It's a photo of him reading his favourite book series."


Safiyah from Australian International Academy NSW

"Safiyah has absolutely loved books since she was 2 years old. She is 9 now and is such an avid reader. Safiyah always carries a book or two with her everywhere she goes! She reads a lot of books from the Scholastic Book Club as well as from her school library and books stores. After reading her books which only takes her a few days at a time to finish, she sits me down and shares her thoughts and reviews with me to help make book recommendations for other younger readers such as herself and has also made recommendations at her own school! Safiyah is such a passionate reader, very enthusiastic about new books and is most excited when I take her to meet the authors. I can see her joining a book club when she’s older if she doesn’t create one herself! Pictured is Safiyah with one of her favourite authors, Jacqueline Harvey at her bake off event—Safiyah made her special cakes from scratch."


Levi from Mawarra Public School NSW.

"My son is a Book Club Star cause he orders from every Book Club and he even collects cans and bottles so he can use the money to buy his Book Club every month. He is so eager to read his Book Club that he pesters the librarian until he finally receives it. He can be so impatient for his new Book Club book that he sometimes makes sure he has enough money left over so he can have it delivered to our home. My son loves to read more than anything else."


Eamon from St Benedict's Primary School, Edgeworth NSW

"Eamon is a Book Club star because he developed a love of reading from his grandma and his great grandmother. He reads every night before bed and some nights even when we think he has gone to sleep he's snuggled in bed reading with a little night light. He has his favourite authors books all lined up in his bookcase (his favourite is Anh Do) and orders a book out of every Book Club."


Lillia from Dakabin State School QLD

"Lillia is a Book Club Star because not only does she read every single day, she also reads with and to her three younger siblings and actively encourages them to read. There is always a book in Lillia's hands and she eagerly awaits each Book Club issue to select her next book (her siblings now do the same also!). Lillia is currently devouring the Wings of Fire series (I can barely buy them fast enough she is reading them so quickly!). The first Wings of Fire book was a Gold Coin Book so I bought it to see if she'd like it - she loved it and now owns every single book in the series!"


Kristy from St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School QLD

"Mrs Strong is the school librarian and loves books! Every library session she reads a picture book to each and every class. Her enthusiasm and excitement for books and reading is 2nd to none! Kristy goes into excitement meltdown when a Book Fair is coming! You can’t wipe the huge smile off her face, and she literally bounces with excitement."


Nevaeh from McAuley Catholic Central School, Tumut NSW

"Nevaeh has always been a passionate reader, memorising bedtime stories and reading them to her teddies as a toddler. She is now 6 years old and loves reading short novels to herself and little brother. Nevaeh never misses an opportunity to read and loves to choose a new book from every Book Club catalogue. Here she is with her latest book - Horses and Ponies from Issue 1. Reading is her super power and it is such a pleasure to listen to her read out loud every day."


Logan from Ellen Stirling Primary School, Ellenbrook WA

"Logan has been involved in books from the day he came home from hospital after being born. Logan has started Kindy this year and at 4 has an amazing advanced reading ability that he is reading independent at mid primary school level. Logan can now finally search and pick his next reading adventure from his Book Club catalogue. Logan is always reading anything he sees that has words he will need to read it. Logan's photo is of him reading his favourite book series."


Manuel-Marques from Mamre Anglican School NSW

“I would like to nominate my son Manuel who is 6 years of age and is in year 1 at Mamre. He is so passionate about books, writing short stories and doing the illustrations for them. He is already reading chapter books and has progressed with his reading solely because he loves it so much. We just did the Scholastic review as well as we are always getting books from Book Club each term. He based his review on Alpacas with Maracas as he really enjoyed that book. I really hope Manuel can be considered as a Book Club Star and he would be happy to share his short stories with anyone who would like to read them.”


Oscar from Parkes East Public School NSW

“Oscar is a Scholastic Book Club star, it is impossible to satiate his book club appetite, he devours books by the day. He is very interested in Space and Astronomy books and hopes to become an Astrophysicist when he grows up. He also loves to read Andy Griffith's Treehouse books, along with many Book Club books about Australian and World History. Some recent hit purchases were the Tony Ross box set of Shakespeare books for kids (Macbeth being a fave), Malala and the Stories for Boys, Kids and Girls who dare to be Different series.”


Carys from Vincentia Public School NSW

“Carys is a voracious reader and audiobook listener who always has a book(s) in her hand or in her bag. She is quite content to read at lunchtimes and as soon as she gets home from school. We have always instilled in her that books are a treasure and an adventure awaits in every new book; we are delighted that she has embraced adventure and our book worm ways. She would also love to be a librarian when she grows up.”


Summer from St Joseph’s School, Boorowa NSW.

“I think she is a Book Club Star as she has always had a love for reading. She is 6 (almost 7) years old but she started to read when she was about 2 and a half! Just her name and then mum and dad. It wasn't long until she moved on to reading sentences and then entire books. She read the Pearl the Unicorn books all by herself within a few hours. She is an amazing little girl with a passion for reading and art.”


Lewis from Point Cook P-9 College VIC.

“Lewis says he loves to read because it's fun and interesting. He loves to read in bed! His favourite books are the Famous Five because he loves the adventures they have. Lewis also loves to write his own books that he shares with his friends and family.” (Lewis.png)