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Busy teachers often don't have the time to keep up with recent children's literature. Core Library books are carefully selected to provide high-quality children's literature for small group, paired or independent classroom reading - with 'support'!

Support for Teachers

  • Forty high-quality pieces of children's literature selected for classroom discussion
  • Book synopses and likely student responses
  • Probing questions for students
  • Activities across Bloom's Taxonomy and Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Support for Students

  • Booktalks and conversations help develop students' understanding of book features and literary themes
  • Student Bookmarks
    • guide students to think and respond to what they read
    • prepare students for Reading Conversations

Each Core Library includes:

  • 40 titles
    • from a range of Australian and international publishers
    • a range of reading levels and interests
    • a mixture of picture books, chapter books and information texts - depending on level
  • 40 x 4 Student Bookmarks
  • 1 Teacher's Guide includes:
    • Classroom organisation and assessment
    • Teacher Booktalks
    • Reading Conversation notes - including likely student responses

For users of Literacy Pro, titles are Lexiled and have Lexile Quizzes. The comprehension activities on the Student Bookmark are open-ended responses and supplement the Online Quizzes.