Comprehension strategies

Levelled books for Reading to Learn and Learning to Read with activities that HIGHLIGHT comprehension, fluency and vocabulary development.

Select your reading level, choose your book, and guide your readers into deep comprehension and literacy development, at all stages of learning.

If the texts are well matched to the readers, we will be expecting effective processing in terms of comprehension, fluency, and word solving. Readers should be able to read with phrasing and fluency and should be able to discuss the texts after reading.It is through behaving like proficient readers (with teacher support) at each level that readers get better. They use the gradient as a ladder of support.
Fountas and Pinnell, 2005, Levelled Books K-8, p128

Using authentic texts for Group Reading

Irene Fountas & Gay Su Pinnell have produced quality literacy learning and assesment tools for over twenty years. Educators use a variety of text leveling systems to select the most appropriate materials for students to use. To assist teachers in selecting appropriate texts, all HIGHLIGHT Reading Notes are levelled using F&P and Reading Recovery.