Reading to Learn

Fountas and Pinnell levels K-Z

Once students learn to master the basics of reading, teachers can spend more time challenging students to explore:

  • within the text (spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, comprehension, plot/character/setting, problem/resolution, illustrations and text, text structure, retelling, order/sequence, key ideas/details)
  • about the text (critiquing, analysing, discussing, author's purpose, drawing conclusions, connecting ideas, author's language choices, compare/contrast, point of view, modality)
  • beyond the text (inferring, synthesising, making connections, generalising, developing forming an opinion, modelling).
  • HIGHLIGHT guides groups through clear steps to:

  • GET READY TO READ - predict, discuss
  • READ - silent reading/read/aloud/take turns
  • READ CLOSELY - targeted questioning around a passage
  • DISCUSS - think > pair > share
  • WRITE - reorganise information/form an opinion (Copymaster)
  • CHAPTER DISCUSSION GUIDE - group discussion/individual writing response for remainder book/novel.