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The Shifting Sands Book Cover The Shifting Sands

Deltora Quest #4

When the seven gems of the magic Belt of Deltora were stolen, the evil Shadow Lord invaded the kingdom and enslaved its people. Determined to rid their land of an evil tyrant, Lief, Barda and Jasmine are on a perilous quest to find the lost gems, which are hidden in fearsome places throughout the kingdom. They have found three gems. Now they must seek the fourth, hidden in a shimmering, barren waste, kept jealously by an unknown guardian. Confusion and strange, terrible enemies await them in the ordeal of the Shifting Sands.

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'The Shifting Sands certainly lives up to the high expectations set by its predecessors-danger, mystery, adventure and puzzles to solve. There are also appearances by the dreaded Grey Guards, a brief meeting with an Ak-Baba and new, cunning enemies to be defeated. As in the previous Deltora adventures, Emily Rodda is able to lead the reader into a fast, unpredictable adventure that has you thinking, guessing and wanting to know more-what struggles and adventures will Lief and his companions face as they seek the fifth stone? What of the Grey Guards? The resistance movement? Will any other companions join them? What about King Endon's child?

The Shifting Sands is a thoroughly good read that you just cannot put down! And after you have finished reading this book, you, like me, will spend many long moments waiting to get your hands on the next one.'

Tim Stanwell (Year 5 teacher, Oxford Falls Grammar School, Sydney)

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