Kick-start reading in your classroom with Graphic Novels!


AS A TEACHER, you’ll probably already know that Graphic Novels are all the rage. Graphic Novels powerfully attract and motivate kids to read—and they’re enjoying them! We believe this incredibly rich format can be used in a wider context to bring life and excitement to your classroom, with the benefit of developing literacy. School librarians and educators have reported outstanding success getting all kids to read with Graphic Novels. They can:

1. BE USED AS A STEPPING STONE FOR YOUNGER READERS,they are perfect for helping students transition from picture books to chapter books.

2. TEACH STRUGGLING READERS, STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS, AND ENGLISH-LANGUAGE LEARNERS. With less text than traditional books, they can be less overwhelming, helping kids feel more confident about reading.

3. ENCOURAGE RELUCTANT READERS. Readers who are not really interested in reading or who, despite being capable of reading, prefer gaming or watching media, can be pulled into a story by the visual elements of Graphic Novels.

4. INSPIRE CREATIVE WRITING. A picture tells a thousand words is on full display with popular series such as The Bad Guys and Dog Man. They’re great books to read before diving into creative writing projects.

5. PROVIDE ADVANCED READERS A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY TO THINK CRITICALLY ABOUT A NEW FORM OF STORYTELLING—one that combines the most important elements of traditional novels, picture books, poetry and even film in a new a captivating way. Graphic novels are a tool every teacher can use. They not only motivate children to read, they support learning in your classroom and help your students to develop the skills they need to read and comprehend even more challenging works of literature.


Scholastic has seen a 37% increase in graphic novel sales on Scholastic School Essentials in the last 12 months. Teachers know they are in demand!

20% of all top selling titles on Scholastic Book Club are Graphic Novels, proving they are a format kids are consistently choosing to read.

Scholastic US and UK now run a Graphix Week each year showing the global popularity and demand.

We see more and more books being converted to the graphic format such as: The Witches, Wings of Fire, and The Baby-Sitters Club. Graphic Novels are being adapted to TV and cinema, such as Captain Underpants, The Bad Guys—with many more in the pipeline!