The Importance of Reading and Choice


Did you know that, according to the Australian Kids and Family Reading Report (, an overwhelming majority of kids aged 6–17 agree that their favourite books—and the ones they are most likely to finish—are the ones they pick out themselves. Nearly all of the participants agreed that they feel pride and a sense of accomplishment when they finish reading a book. This simple act of selecting and reading a book for pleasure has been proven to play an integral role in a child’s success during both their schooling and adult life.

The research also shows, however, that having parents who are reading role models is crucial for children to first develop these positive attitudes and behaviours towards reading for pleasure. Seeing you reading—whether it’s reading a novel for pleasure, browsing the newspaper for information, or simply flicking through a cookbook or magazine—helps your child foster a healthy appreciation of reading and its importance in everyday life. 

But finding the perfect book isn’t always an easy task. With 74% of children saying that they would read more if they could find more books that they like, it’s clear that occasional guidance is needed when it comes to reading time. Book Club is an easy way to help your child find books that spark their interest and create a sense of excitement around reading. Results demonstrated that children whose parents use Book Club as a tool to encourage reading for pleasure are more likely to enjoy reading—especially for fun—and to think that reading is important. The same results were found for children whose parents ensure easy, regular access to print books and a variety of reading materials.

We understand that regularly finding new, exciting books to read may seem like a daunting task. Over 40% of parents agreed that they need help finding books that their child likes, especially as they grow older. Scholastic is here to support you in your role as a reading role-model; Book Club provides a fun way of discussing books with your child and encouraging them to explore the world of reading! It is our goal to foster this love of reading, and to acknowledge the power of choice when it comes to children genuinely enjoying the books they’re reading.

Written by: Alesha Evans