PR1ME Aus Mathematics — a Whole School Approach to teaching Mathematics.

We invite you to learn a little more about what PR1ME Aus delivers and how it will benefit your staff and students—for better engagement and improved student outcomes.

PR1ME delivers:
• Whole-school approach to learning
• Fully integrated planning, explicit teaching and assessment
• Learning outcomes aligned to digital assessments
• Ongoing professional support and training
• Australian Mathematics Curriculum aligned

The Grattan Institute recently reported;
'Teachers with access to a shared bank of high-quality curriculum materials for all their classes are much more likely to;

  • Have a shared understanding with colleagues of what constitutes effective teaching
  • Report consistent learning by students in different classrooms
  • Be satisfied with their school's approach to curriculum planning

The workload benefits are enormous: a typical teacher who has access to shared curriculum materials for all their classes saves 3 hours a week.'

(How to implement a whole-school curriculum approach -A guide for principals Jordana Hunter and Amy Haywood 2023)

Benefits of PR1ME:

  • Whole-school approach to learning and pedagogy using Concrete Pictorial Abstract pedagogy and Explicit Teaching.
  • A research-based program leading to improved student outcomes.
  • Fully integrated planning, teaching notes, lesson activities and assessments.
  • Ongoing professional support and training.
  • Australian Mathematics Curriculum and NSW Syllabus aligned.

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