Key Links supports a balanced literacy approach which includes shared reading, guided reading, and Independent reading. Key Links explicitly involves readers in thinking and talking about what and how they read, and making links to what and how they write.​​​

"Time-poor teachers need the very best support to ensure reading success for all students. After working with teachers for many years, I know that teachers need more support today than ever before due to the pressures and challenges of today’s classrooms. Key Links is a solution to this problem. It provides teachers with explicit guidance on every page, in every book. It is a complete toolbox for the teaching of reading."

Jill Eggleton


Key Links develops thinking readers!



Guided Reading

Key Links Guided Reading provides explicit teaching through engaging fiction and nonfiction texts and develops learners' language, literature and literacy strategies and skills. The series consists of 212 (112 Fiction and 100 Non-fiction titles) leveled readers of books from emergent through fluency levels(Levels 1 to 30).

Reading is the product of two cognitive elements — language comprehension and decoding. Reading instruction therefore must focus on both language comprehension and the art of decoding. The art of decoding ensures that words are read accurately. Inaccurate and non-fluent decoding impacts negatively on reading comprehension. You cannot read if you can’t decode accurately, however you cannot learn to read by just learning to decode.

​Students are exposed to every link in the literacy chain through

  1. actively thinking and talking about what and how they read
  2. being explicitly exposed to comprehension and processing strategies in a systematic way
  3. practising flow, expression and phrasing in their oral reading
  4. reading titles that are carefully scaffolded to build and reinforce vocabulary and letter–sound relationships.

For the teacher there are

  1. GUIDE NOTES provided at the beginning of each book
  2. FOCUS PANELS on every spread which provide a classroom to home link to help ensure parents and teachers are ‘on the same page’ if books are taken home.
  3. carefully sequenced titles to scaffold and reinforce literacy skills and strategies including: letter-sound relationships, high-frequency words, vocabulary, punctuation, reading fluency, processing skills and comprehension strategies.


Shared Reading and Poetry

24 levelled Big Books each with lively, rhythmical, rhyming text and a week of carefully structured lessons.

40 large, sturdy posters with an accompanying CD, sold in sets of 10.



About the Author

Before she became an International Educational Consultant in Literacy, Jill Eggleton had a wide variety of successful teaching experiences—both in the classroom and in administrative roles. As an International Educational Consultant, she’s passionate about motivating teachers and providing practical ideas in lighting the literacy fire for students.